First Rendering Posted!

Thanks to an incredible team of architects and designers at EHDD, the vision for our long-term building at 1465 Folsom Street is coming together beautifully. We're excited to share the first renderings of the central area of the space, shown below. 

On the right side is the front entrance, facing Folsom Street; to the rear (left side of image) is the outdoor Sport Court area behind the building. Throughout, the building's historic sawtooth roof is preserved, bringing in ample light with north-facing skylights. On the mezzanine level you'll see a series of seminar rooms, with a broad staircase leading to a large open space which can be configured for performances or divided into smaller working spaces. The working kitchen and dining area is toward the rear of the building, with opportunity to spill out into the Sport Court to eat outdoors on nice days. On the left side of the space, behind the brick wall pictured here, is the school's movement space, set up for dance, yoga, martial arts and other physical education classes. Not shown here is the last third of the building, along the east side, which has a series of project and "maker" spaces, with windows facing onto a small side street. 

Note that this is an in-progress rendering, and will evolve as the design process continues. While there is much work ahead in both design and construction, we are inspired by what the amazing team of architects and designers at EHDD is creating for our school. 

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