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Millennium School is

Middle school, reimagined.

in San Francisco

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Millennium manifesto
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Millennium Manifesto


We believe that the Middle School years are the springtime of human development. A uniquely rich opportunity to plant seeds of awareness and insight. We flip the lights on, brightly, in these most formative years because our world needs fully engaged human beings.

We are not a school; we are a learning lab. Making sense of the unknown is where we discover who we are. We help young minds find their passion for learning, to build a flywheel for perpetual curiosity.  We embrace failure, paradox and complexity with playfulness.

We are unapologetically audacious in our mission and define success as feeling fully alive and consciously engaged in the world. Anyone, and we mean anyone, can go to our school, as long as they bring their uniqueness, courage and beauty.

Our staff is gifted - they love their jobs and would go to Millennium if they were adolescents again.  They lead forums, quests and expeditions that immerse our children in the world outside of school. They are guides more than teachers.

Curiosity, creativity and compassion are the most complex subjects to score high on at Millennium.  We teach these relentlessly.  Our kids leave school inspired.

We believe that happiness and achievement are only meaningful in tango.  One without the other is crippled. Peace in our hearts is our first goal. Knowing things follows naturally.

Our kids will go to any school and do well…will know how to fall in love and love unconditionally…will cry and never feel less for it…will never fear to be who they are, because they see joy and power in being themselves.

June 2017


Millennium School is an innovation lab exploring the intersection of Developmental Science and Adolescent Education in the heart of San Francisco. In partnership with professors from leading universities, Millennium is developing an integrated educational program based on neuroscience and developmental psychology.

These educators have convened to create a model middle school that implements best practices for holistic student development, translating leading research and experiential learning techniques into practical application. The program combines integrated academics with self-discovery and real-word application through student-centered projects.

Beyond operating the lab school, Millennium disseminates its whole-student development methodology through professional development programs for teachers. The combined result is an integrated learning organization exploring humanistic education for the 21st century.