We know parents are both busy and committed to their child’s healthy nutrition, which in turn impacts students' ability to concentrate at school. We also know that students’ experiences in the kitchen prior to joining the Millennium community range widely, from those who have never boiled an egg or peeled a carrot, to those who have grown up in the kitchens of their families’ restaurants. We’ve designed a simple meal program with two main components: optional direct access to School Foodies -- an affordable lunch service provider that offers a variety of health choices every day, and a weekly cooking program that enriches students with knowledge and skills about nutrition, helps students cultivate mindful eating habits, and connects food choices to their broader environmental impact. Students have fun working together in teams to prepare food from scratch to share with their peers.


School staff will be in touch with families during the summer for instructions on how to sign up for a School Foodies account.

Note that for families who are on full scholarship, discounted meals will be provided.