Millennium Summer Math Review

Welcome to the Millennium Summer Math Review!

The materials chosen include touches on the types of problems that quite a few students missed on the math midterm and final exam. We want to make sure that we close these "gaps" before school starts! 

Resources are divided into three sections, as to not flood your inbox: 

1) Number Sense - Part One and Part Two (fractions, decimals, percentages, integers, ratios) Part One and Part Two 

2) Algebra (solving equations, simplifying expressions, linear functions)

3) Geometry (area, circumference, surface area)

We've created Master Guides that break down the concepts and explain the methodologies we learned this year. 

If the thought of doing math over the summer makes you (or your student) cringe, we've included some resources to battle your math anxiety

All of of these resources have been emailed directly to the students but we want to make sure that we (the caring adults in their lives) are all going to hold them accountable when it comes to keeping their math skills sharp this summer. 

Maybe hide a worksheet under their pillow or tape a worksheet to the X-box control. Text them a word problem or ask them to teach you how to do some of the problems! 

If you don't have access to a printer and need us to mail some hard copies of the worksheets please let us know! The less screen time, the better! Just a few problems a day will make a big difference!