Math 3 - Essential Summer Skills - 2018 

These worksheets are for the Math 1 students who are candidates for moving up into Math 3 next year. These students are highly motivated and have demonstrated that they can not only grasp new skills quickly but can apply them in different contexts. 

In order to make this "jump" over the Math 2 class, students will need to learn and master a few skills this summer that were covered in Math 2 exclusively.

We have included the list of concepts as well as some practice worksheets and answer keys. Students going into Math 3 are responsible for knowing these essential skills as well as showing mastery in the number work, algebra, and geometry skills are also on the Parents Section. 

Students going into Math 3 will take the Math 3 diagnostic during the first week of school to determine their appropriate math placement. 


1) Math 3 Essential Skills

2) Indirect measurement notes and problems (Answer key

3) Two step equations with integers (Answer key

4) Similar figures