How Neuroscience is Transforming Education

Update: This event is being rescheduled - Dr. Uncapher has had an exciting opportunity to speak at the White House on this date, an exciting milestone for her work on applying neuroscience to re-think education. We'll announce a new date once re-scheduled! 

Our foundation as a school is developmental science, applying adolescent psychology and neuroscience to understand what human potential is at this age and how to access it. For this, we have been very grateful for the partnership of the UCSF Educational Neuroscience Lab, whose co-director, Dr. Melina Uncapher, serves as Millennium School's Neuroscientist in Residence. This November 17th, we'll have an opportunity to share Dr. Uncapher's insights with a wider community, for our third Speaker Series event this fall. Dr. Uncapher is at the forefront of the "science of learning" movement, leading research at both UCSF and Stanford, and serving as the head of the multi-university Science of Learning Network, funded by the National Science Foundation. The talk is geared for parents of students in the K-12 years, as well as educators. 

This event will be co-hosted by our friends at the San Francisco School, on Thursday, November 17th, 7:00-8:30pm. For full details and to RSVP, click here. We look forward to seeing you there and learning together! 

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