Announcing our Neuroscientist in Residence

We're thrilled to announce a partnership with Dr. Melina Uncapher, a leader in the field of educational neuroscience. Melina directs the Educational Neuroscience Lab at UCSF, holds an appointment as a Research Scientist at Stanford, and leads the multi-university Science of Learning Network, funded by the National Science Foundation. For the past 14 years, Melina has been at the forefront of learning and memory research, with a particular focus on understanding how attention affects learning. 

For Millennium, Melina will consult and advise as our Neuroscientist in Residence, focused on bringing the best developmental neuroscience research on adolescents to our work, as well as exploring ways that Millennium's unique environment could generate new insights about learning in the middle school years. 

Over the past two years of research and development phase for Millennium School, Melina has been an invaluable guide for our team, incorporating neuroscience research into areas ranging from classroom design to curriculum for developing executive function. Executive function is one of the most important areas for development during the middle school years, including planning and prioritizing, self-monitoring, time management, and organizational skills. We are delighted to deepen this partnership and incorporate this neuroscience expertise as we develop many aspects of the Millennium School experience.