Schedule & Calendar

It sounds mundane, but how a school sets up their schedule and calendar tells you a lot about their values. So, we've thought carefully about a daily schedule and annual calendar that would support our vision for Millennium School. After visiting numerous schools and exploring the research on issues like adolescent sleep cycles, we're excited to now share our vision for Millennium School's schedule and calendar.

Here are the full details: Millennium School: Schedule & Calendar.

And a sneak preview: short terms of six weeks each, so that within any one term, students can focus on just a few deep interdisciplinary projects at a time, while still covering a breadth of content over the course of the year (five terms per year). Intersessions between terms to enable intensive learning experiences, for example through apprenticeships, travel, or whole-school simulations - imagine if Millennium School turned into Ancient Greece for a week! And optional, integrated Pre-Care, After-Care, and Summer Term so that families can more easily provide engaging learning opportunities for their students close to year-round, and on a daily schedule that supports the lives of working parents.

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