Welcoming Veronica Flores, Founding Director of Admissions & Communications

We're thrilled to announce the hire of Veronica Flores as Millennium School's Founding Director of Admissions & Communications. Veronica's career has been dedicated to empowering students and families, beginning as a teacher, then as Director of High School Preparation and Assistant Principal at KIPP Bayview Academy in San Francisco. Veronica then returned to her alma mater, Stanford University, where she served as Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions from 2010-2015. 

At Stanford, Veronica faced the challenging task of reviewing thousands of outstanding applications for the most selective institution in the country. What she learned, and what resonated with Millennium's mission so strongly, was that students who knew who they were, who developed a personal sense of authenticity, who expressed their interests and talents in unique ways, and who made a deep impact in their communities were often the most compelling applicants for Stanford. Veronica brings this insight with her to Millennium, knowing that helping students find their inner compass, maintain their curiosity and motivation to learn, and pursue their passions to a level of excellence will prepare them for a meaningful life and a successful journey through high school and college.