Annual Fund 2019.png

1. Tuition Assistance: $64,000.

Diversity is one of our deepest values. Inviting students from a wide range of backgrounds is both a way to make our world better, and a very concrete way to help our students learn to connect and collaborate across differences. To this end, our top priority in the Annual Fund is to sustain and expand our Tuition Assistance Fund, which provides scholarships for families through our Flex Tuition program.

Our goal is to raise funds for one full scholarship of $33,900 and three partial scholarships of $10,000 each.

2. Teacher Retention & Professional Development: $30,000.

A school’s teachers, or “Guides” in our case, are everything. Compared to their ability to inspire, coach, and educate students, everything else is secondary. We all know how costly it is to live in the Bay Area, and we aspire to provide competitive salaries so that our faculty can invest in our school and in their profession for the long-term. These funds will support teacher cost-of-living raises in 2019 and our faculty professional development fund.

3. Graduation Ceremony: $8,000.

We’re planning a special event in late winter to raise money for this important occasion. Details to come.

4. Trip Scholarships: $7,500.

Our trips to Washington, D.C. (7th grade) and to Cuba (8th grade) are some of the richest learning opportunities we get to create, and we want to make sure they’re accessible to every family at Millennium. We’re raising 5 trip scholarships for Washington, D.C. ($500 each) and 5 for the Cuba trip ($1,000 each).

5. Wednesday Expeditions: $6,000.

Students often tell us that their favorite part of the school week is when we venture beyond our walls to meet the scientists, activists, business leaders, artists, political leaders and others who make our city such a fascinating place. Each of our six rotating expeditions has a $1,000 budget to cover transportation and materials for these adventures. These funds will underwrite the following expeditions: Arts & Culture, Service, Government, Business, Science & Tech, Nature.

6. Nutrition & Food Literacy: $5,000

Every Wednesday afternoon during our expedition time, one Forum stays at school to learns about nutrition and develop their awareness about food, applying that knowledge to create a healthy snack for the rest of the school. $5,000 covers the cost of this program for the remainder of the school year.

7. Musical Instruments: $3,500.

We’re expanding our Creative Expression electives, adding musical instruments into our capoeira class and introducing upcoming classes on World Percussion and other musical practices. These funds will pay for the purchase of additional musical instruments to be available for all students at school.

8. Athletics Program: $3,000.

We are thrilled to finally have the size to field teams in local leagues, beginning with basketball and extending into other sports. These funds will help us launch these teams, covering the cost of uniforms and contributing to the cost of coaching and transportation

9. Science Equipment: $2,500.

As we plan Quests for the spring and beyond, our STEM team of Lindsay and Abigail would like to invest in high-quality microscopes and other new lab equipment to outfit our classrooms.

10. Tickets to Ford’s Theater: $1,500.

Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. is the site of President Lincoln’s assassination, and remains a running theater to this day. One of the highlights of our Washington, D.C. trip is when the entire 7th grade visits the theater to see a live play and experience the historical impact of the site; these funds provide tickets for the 7th grade and staff chaperones to attend.

11. Art Supplies: $1,000.

These funds will replenish the art supplies in the always-in-use, ever-popular Maker Space where students use the sewing equipment, construct architectural models, paint and draw, and much more.

12. Fund a Book: $600 per term (5 terms).

These funds will cover the cost of new books for our weekly Harkness Club, in which students read a new novel each term and learn how to have deep, intellectual discussions of the work through Harkness Seminars.