Our premise is that the curriculum of school is largely unwritten - more than the books we read or projects we do, students see the way we act, the habits we model, the mindsets we value. We're looking for educators who are authentic, insightful, worldly, and passionate about helping adolescents reach their full potential.

Opening for Spanish Adjunct Faculty at Millennium School
Millennium School, a new, progressive middle school in San Francisco, has an opening for a part-time Spanish teacher for the 2017-18 school year. The teacher will prepare and lead three sections of Spanish classes. Classes will be mixed grade (6th and 7th grades) of varying levels from Beginning to Advanced and will meet three times per week for an approximate total of 15 hours per week, including prep time. The role has the opportunity to grow as the school adds an 8th grade over the coming year. Millennium is looking for teachers with experience teaching middle school, and preferably experience in Comprehensible Input or TPRS methodology. The right candidate brings personal authenticity and mindfulness, a passion for working with adolescents and families, and entrepreneurial zest. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Ashley Nickels at anickels at millenniumschool.org.   

Operations Manager (Half-Time)
Millennium School is hiring for a half-time Operations Manager to start in early August 2017. The role is “glue” for our small school: a warm, relational person who is a center of trust for the school community, and whose excellent organizational skills help make the school function efficiently and smoothly, in coordination with our Director of Operations. For details and information on how to apply, click here for the job description.