Thank you for considering Millennium School during your middle school search-- we’re glad you’re here! You’ll find information here about how to sign up for admissions events, how to apply for Millennium School, what kinds of students we’re looking for, and how to begin the application. Throughout, you are welcome to contact our admissions team at any time with questions. 

Finding the Right Fit

We’re looking for students and parents who deeply value self-awareness and reflection, intellectual curiosity, empathy, and continual personal growth. Equally importantly, we’re looking for those who are excited to help build a community, who understand the entrepreneurial challenges of a young school and are inspired to create a diverse, inclusive and loving place.

To us, there is no such thing as a perfect student, nor a perfect school. For parents, we invite your authenticity around sharing both strengths and challenges for your child. We review each student holistically, knowing they are far more than a GPA, and that often their challenges are the ingredients for future strengths.

Diversity & Inclusion

Millennium School serves both students and community best when it represents a wide range of perspectives, talents, and experiences. We define diversity broadly, embracing students and families who reflect diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, culture, family composition, sexual orientation, physical differences, and socioeconomic background.

Our belief in diversity stems from our developmental approach. We know that middle school is an essential period for identity formation, when adolescents begin to answer three fundamental questions: Who am I? How do I relate to others? What will I contribute to the world? To answer these questions well, few experiences are more powerful than membership in a diverse, inclusive community. Such a community pushes students to learn how to incorporate multiple viewpoints and experiences; it enables them to honor what is unique within themselves; and it develops the empathy, social agility, and cross-cultural competence that is essential to life in the twenty-first century.

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